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Health Plan Navigator for Onondaga County

HealtheConnections, Health Planning, has been selected by the New York State Department of Health and NY State of HealthTM, the official health plan marketplace, to spearhead the In Person Assistance Navigator program for Onondaga County. The scope of the HealtheConnections Navigator program is designed to reach all segments of the population, including individuals, families, sole proprietors and employers. The target audience is uninsured and under-insured individuals.  Approximately 8.5% of Onondaga County residents are uninsured. Of those, more than half (54%), are employed.

HealtheConnections is partnering with four community agencies:

Navigators will be able to meet potential individual enrollees at community locations throughout the County, at times and locations that are convenient for them. Services will be available in several languages in addition to English. To make an appointment, please call the shared scheduling number after October 1, 2013. Insurance coverage begins January 1, 2014.

Onondaga County Navigator Contact Number:  315-470-1847

Options for

Individuals and Families

Options for

Small Businesses

Enrollment through the health plan marketplace allows individuals, families, sole proprietors and small businesses to access tax credits and other tax benefits to help make health insurance affordable. New Yorkers may use the calculator on the NY State of HealthTM website to estimate their eligibility for tax credits; see: www.nystateofhealth.ny.gov/PremiumEstimator

New York State Customer Service Representatives Number: 1-855-355-5777