Reminder for Regulated Facilities

The State Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY) Regulation requires Articles 28, 36, and 40 facilities to participate and share data with their local RHIO. More information may be found at the following:

“What Regulated Facilities Need to Know,” webinar recording and slides may be accessed here.
Information on the SHIN-NY Regulation waiver is available here.

Making a difference with information sharing and EMR interoperability
The industry is moving in the right direction, favoring more sharing and higher levels of collaboration that support quality care, patient safety and help you proactively monitor and manage your patient population. In New York State, regional HIEs continue to increase their data sources and provide high data completeness, quality, and actionable tools.

If you are connected to a regional HIE, leverage the relationship for enhanced services and benefits. If you are not connected to a regional HIE, you’re missing out on critical information that forms a complete picture of your patients. For more information about New York’s regional HIEs and how they can work for you, please visit